David Craig for Town Council
Experienced. Trusted.

Community leaders trust me. Here are their words...

“David’s tenure on the Town Council offers experience in collaborative efforts that will benefit all of Yarmouth”

-- Yarmouth State Representative, Art Bell

“Both (Heather Abbott, also endorsed) are long time Yarmouth residents who share a deep commitment to the town, work extremely hard, have proven records of accomplishment in working with their colleagues, and are creative, caring and compassionate.”

-- Former Yarmouth State Representative, Janice Cooper

“For years I have worked to support Yarmouth seniors of modest means. David has a proven track record of doing the same.”

-- Margaret Downing, Latchstring Award Recipient, Yarmouth Sr. Housing

“David takes into account, not only what’s best for our townspeople of all ages and tax brackets, but he thinks about what this town will be like for future generations that would benefit from a healthier environment with functional open space, walkable neighborhoods, and a practiced commitment to the sustainability of the planet.”

-- Josh Royte, Latchstring Award Recipient

“David cares and gets things done. He cares for our young, our families and our mature, for Yarmouth’s financial health and its environment. David has the vision, experience, passion, kindness and the toughness we need in the leaders of our Town.”

-- Reverend Bill Gregory