I'm endorsed by April Humphrey

Feminist, Environmentalist

I first got to know David during my first year on the Council when we served together. It was a rocky year! And David was always there to support and encourage me when things were hard.

David is a proud feminist. I have always loved how excited he gets about the increasing number of women running for office locally.

David is an enthusiastic environmentalist. He's advocated for the restoration of our local river, preservation of undeveloped lands, and energy efficiency. He initiated the program currently underway to convert the town's streetlights to LEDs, which will save us significant energy and taxpayer money. He serves on the energy efficiency and sustainability committee, a town committee that has successfully worked to convert municipal energy usage to solar and is now working to create a solar farm on a town brownfield site.

David was a staunch supporter of the tenants' rights ordinance, and helped me get it passed by town referendum after the Council refused to take it up.

There are so many reasons I support David Craig for Town Council, and I hope to have the opportunity to serve with him again during my final two years on the Council.

- April Humphrey