I'm endorsed by Tim Shannon

Thoughtful, Open-Minded, and Fair

I’m really proud to endorse Dave Craig for Yarmouth Town Council (Election Day = June 8, 2021). The Town Council governs a huge range of complex matters – from housing to education to social services to public space use to commercial development – real-world, concrete, local things that affects lives directly. There are no easy votes; your constituents see you daily; you live with the trade-offs; you live with your mistakes. A good Councilor therefore has to have a good head, two good ears, a good heart, and thick skin.

Dave has all of the above. Dave is whip-smart, thoughtful, open-minded, and fair. He has a strong sense of the “big picture” combined with the focus and discipline to remember the details. He’s got deep institutional knowledge but an eye on the future. He’s great. Please vote for him.

- Tim Shannon, Yarmouth